Wednesday, May 14, 2014

oh happy day.

So far, May has been pretty good to us in Pittsburgh.
I mean, besides that nasty cold germ we've been fighting.
Other than that,

LOVING the flowers in our yard right now.  The trees are starting to fill in with leaves and soon our backyard will be a private oasis.
FEELING fat-but-energetic.  I'm walking every evening now, in between the daily thunderstorms.  Now if only I could stop eating cake.
BAKING strawberry shortcake cake and going all out with dinners this week.  I'm rediscovering our Pioneer Woman favorites.
DREAMING of lazy days by the pool, working on school work mixed with napping.
HAPPY because I passed the PECT exam and now I am legit to student-teach in Pennsylvania.
EXTRA HAPPY because that exam was actually pretty easy.  I mean like really easy.
COVETING a large, fancy sunhat.
EXCITED to be turning 40 in just a few weeks!!!
RELIEVED to be feeling excited about turning 40 in just a few weeks.
LOOKING forward to everything my 40th year has to offer.  This is the year my dreams come true...because I worked my butt off to make that happen.
ENJOYING a new walking buddy, a sweet neighbor who is old enough to be my mom, except that our daughters are the same age.  Yesterday we walked along discussing, favorite ice cream flavors.  I mean, that's not something you just talk about with anyone.  
AVOIDING the PTA.  There, I said it.
THINKING about new paint colors in the dining room.  Lighter and brighter just sounds better.
FOLDING laundry like the warrior I am.
SITTING in my favorite spot on the couch has been replaced by so many other things.
WISHING last year's summer clothes hadn't shrank while in storage all winter.  Or maybe possibly that my bum didn't grow.
CONTENT with my family and where each of my children are in their life journey.  Life is not always easy.  Sometimes we make mistakes, even big mistakes.  Sometimes we are afraid to talk about our human tendencies.  But help is right around the corner, in this house.  Love will always be here.  And so will a plan B.  There's always hope.  There are always second chances and fresh starts.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I buy these flowers for my house every week, so jealous your house is filled with them. Love

  2. Such a fun post! Your walking buddy sounds so sweet, btw :)

  3. Congrats on passing your test! What a lovely yard, hooray for birthday celebrations!!

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