Monday, May 5, 2014

stopping to reflect on our home.

I keep telling myself that things will slow down next week, but then next week comes and things aren't any less busy.  April and May are trying to kill me, I swear.  But I'll keep plugging along because I just know that mid-June has all kinds of nothing going on.  Nothing sounds so nice sometimes.  

Today I am writing up two lesson plans (three actually, now that I've extended one to last another day).  To a teacher, two lesson plans are laughable, I am sure.  But to a student-teacher who has her Pennsylvania PECT exam next Tuesday, two is a lee-tle, tiny bit stressful.  My mess is taking over the lower half of that bottom picture up there.  It doesn't look like much, but there's a cat puppet up there who has plans for teaching the first graders all about -ed endings and papers are scattered everywhere on the couch as I plan a Science lesson for observing guppies and pond snails.  God bless the Internet!  I don't have to come up with fantastic ideas on my own!  God bless Pinterest too!!!  

I am pausing, however, from all of the planning because it's good to relax the brain sometimes.  In my spontaneous moment of relaxation, I got the beds made, the furniture dusted, the floors vacuumed, and the laundry folded.  I also had a rare opportunity to look up from all of my madness and just scan over my house.  Like when I used to do after we first moved in.  Back in those days I'd catch myself staring at our new house in disbelief.  Is it really ours?  Do I really live here?  Gosh it's a nice place.  My, how we've managed to put together a lovely home.  Boy, do I feel blessed.  Today, I had a little of that good, good feeling.  I just stood and looked over our home.  Our home.  It hasn't changed much in a year; proof of my dedication to school I guess.  But it really doesn't need to change right now.  Photographs don't need to be rearranged, the furniture is fine where it sits, and the paint colors are still going strong.  I'm way more relaxed about that stuff.  And waaaaay more relaxed about backpacks and coats and shoes and folders, and water bottles.  It's kind of funny how things can change.  We realize what really matters (sometimes).  :)

Back to work...


  1. I loved this post. Good for you - in all that you're doing! Even though you're so busy, you still sound like such a balanced girl. (p.s. I'm so glad you are blogging again!) :)

  2. Awww. I loved this!

    I am so happy for you and all the amazing things happening in your life, including that beautiful house:)


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