Tuesday, July 8, 2014

spontaneous road trippin'.

I love Gettysburg.  I just really, really do.  I love the museum and the auto tour.  If I could stop to read every placard, I would.  But two teens...

We listened to the auto tour cd through stop 9 out of 15 of the driving tour.  Correction.  I listened to the auto tour cd through stop 9 of 15.  The two kids listened to the one part where the voice described how far the canons shot, only because we had just been wondering about that and then suddenly our pre-taped guide was answering that question (such timing!).  Other than that, I was the only one interested in the history.  Jackson and McKenna had their fill of history inside the museum.  I even dragged them into the 22 minute film, which was pretty much the lamest thing I could possibly have done, but all was forgiven when they found out Morgan Freeman was the host.  We LOVE us some Morgan Freeman!  Anyway, back to the cd, we had our fill of historical factoids and so I turned on real music much to the enjoyment of the kids and I have to admit, it really was nice.  I mean, who doesn't want to drive along the battlefields jamming to Talk Dirty to Me?  Such a delight.

We are currently tucked into our hotel beds, each with a laptop.  Tomorrow we are planning to brave the DC metro line and see what there is to see downtown.  This is Jackson's first Washington DC trip!  McKenna and I are going to pretend we are pros and show him the sights.  Honestly, I am just hoping to get on the right trains.  I'm just so good at messing up that easy stuff.  :)

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  1. fun :) you are only 4 hours from my house right now :P also, is it just me, or all both your kids so super fashionable? I love your daughters glasses! And I love the white tank you are wearing as well, with the ruffle. So cute!


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