Saturday, August 16, 2014

frederick, md.

So, this post is a major #latergram.  These photos happened when I took the kids to D.C. and Gettysburg back in June. Frederick, Maryland is such a cute place with a cool shopping strip.  The day we happened upon it, there was an unfortunate power outage, so many shops and restaurants were closed, but we did find a quaint, little soda/ice cream shop to stop into.  Although the ice cream was a total loss, with no electricity to keep the freezer running, we did leave with a few old fashioned bottles of pop to sip on our walk.  Not too shabby.

You know, it's just been a good summer.  We've had some fun and some much needed down time.  This weekend the cousins are visiting from Maryland and next week my parents are stopping by for two days.  It's the perfect way to end the season and start back to school.  We have so much to look forward to this Fall.  I just found out I will be finishing up my preclinical student-teaching tasks in a third grade classroom and so I am so looking forward to that experience, which will be kind of new for me.  Having a degree in Early Childhood Education and then working in a first grade room, I have much more experience with little kiddos.  Third grade is going to be a whole new ball park for me and I am so excited for the experience!  I think I'm ready.  No, I know I'm ready.

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