Wednesday, August 6, 2014

lake erie charter boat fishing and barfing.

It started out swell enough.  Papa, Husband, Jackson & I all woke up early and drove out to the dock to catch a ride on a charter boat and do some fishing on big, giant Lake Erie.  It was only just after our boat started making its way out of the inlet that we realized we needed fishing licenses {oh, oops!} and so the boat was returned to the dock so we could get back into our car, drive to the nearest gas station and purchase licenses.  Not too big of a deal, really.  We probably didn't look like hardcore fishermen anyway, so it was probably to be expected.  Once we were finally legit and our signatures were penned onto our official fishing documents, we loaded back onto the boat and successfully launched ourselves onto the thrashing sea {lake, I know}.  The ride out was all smiles.  I don't know about anyone else, but I had a smile plastered to my face.  I like fast boats.  I enjoy wind in my face.  Husband looked happy too.  Happy wife, happy life.  Oh, and FISHING!  My dad, of course, was happy.  Fishing is his thing.  He has a one fish per month goal.  Jackson, he looked happy the beginning.

Long story short, the weather was perfect and the fish were biting.  But the waves were kicking our sea legs {or lack thereof}.  We each caught a fish or two, some were keepers and others were not, and so we each had the opportunity to reel one in, which is sort of fantastic.  But poor Jackson was sicker than a dog.  I think each of us felt nauseous in our own amounts, but Jack had it the worst.  It was sad to watch.  He was miserable and so we all put our own selfish fishing needs aside and took the boat back to shore.  In all honesty, I was glad to put my own legs back on dry land.  If we had stayed out there much longer, I know I would have had the same fate.  The water was just so unbelievably choppy.  I'm going to be feeling that bounce for days.

Also, I stuck my fingers inside two fish for the photos.

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