Monday, August 11, 2014

put-in-bay, ohio - in pictures

So, it's not Nantucket.  But Put-In-Bay is pretty darn amazing and I plan to go back with Husband for a date weekend or night or anything.  For this first visit, we went for the day and it really was the perfect way to spend our last vacation day, but I really want the full experience of parking my car, wheeling my overnight bag onto the ferry, and immersing myself into island activities for a full two days.  Yes, please.  

The ferry ride was a quick 18 minutes.  Although some folks do bring their vehicles, it really isn't necessary.  Golf carts are the main source of transportation.  Once our ferry arrived, we walked up the ramp and boarded a school-bus-turned-city-bus to take us on the two-mile drive into "downtown."  The ride was $2.50.  Easy-peasy.  Renting a golf cart for 6 was also easy and so was getting around the island in that fun thing.  We all took turns driving it because it is just too fun to zip around in those things.

The monument.  It turns out that Put-In-Bay lays claim to the third tallest national monument (second to the Washington Monument and the St. Louis Gateway Arch).  We took a ride up Perry's Monument  elevator and got a peek at the sky view of the island and surrounding water.  It was beautiful and well worth the wait in line and whopping $3 bucks.

Put-In-Bay just offers such a great family getaway - bikes, golf carts, boats, beaches, food, shopping, fishing.  Plus the fresh, breezy air!  Only three hours from Pittsburgh, I'll be back any chance I get.
Highly recommend!

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