Friday, August 29, 2014

Teacher Wear: Simplicity

Let's not complicate things, shall we?  Sometimes all we need is a simple dress and some slip-on ballet flats.  Especially when it's 86 degrees outside and the school's a/c isn't quite up to par yet.

Right after I got dressed this morning, my supervising teacher sent me an email, inviting me to wear jeans to class today because it's Friday.  Can I just tell you how NOT ready for jeans I am right now though?  Teachers LOVE jeans day.  I LOVE jeans day.  But just not yet.  I'm still mourning the loss of summer.  I'm going to take my time.

I'd also like to share a bit of a phone conversation I had with my college mentor the other day.  We went way off topic (as we usually do) because even though we've never met personally, we have been talking to each other every other Thursday morning for 1.5 years...we've become good friends, yes.  Anyway, she was telling me about Dressing Your Truth and right away she pegged me (having never seen me) as a "bright and animated personality #1.  She went so far as to guess that I wore bright colors because I am so "bubbly and fun."  BINGO!  So, anyway, the idea behind this Dress Your Truth program is actually very cool, especially for those who struggle with getting dressed and deciding what to wear.  It's really just about wearing clothes that accentuate your beautiful insides and that help reflect your shining personality, whatever that may be. I honestly feel that I don't struggle with what to wear (probably because I'm that bubbly, fun, whatever type), but if you feel like you could use some inspiration, you might want to click on that link and just take a peek.

No pressure though.  I think you're marvelous just the way you are.  :)

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