Thursday, August 28, 2014

teacher wear.

Back to student-teaching!  That means it's time to wear something other than the same jean shorts all summer.

Last night I was kind of bored, with Husband out of town and not really anything on television, so I decided to organize my closet.  I'm back to being in a classroom two/three days each week, so I thought I'd get my clothing straightened up a little, to make picking out my outfits in the mornings a little easier.  Then BAM!  I got this crazy idea to just start putting outfits together.  And so I did!  I matched tops to bottoms and hung them together.  In fact, I was able to put together 31 different outfits!  That seems a little extensive to me (it might speak something of my love for clothes just a bit), but heck...that equals me not having to think about what to wear to school until November 1st!  Sign me up!

So, I'm going to get back to blogging my teaching outfits.  I know it helps some of you out and that's reason enough to snap a few photos and write up a post.  :)  So, get ready for 31 outfits throughout the next couple of months.

Anthropologie skirt
TJ Maxx top
Target sandals

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