Wednesday, September 3, 2014

teacher wear: ankle pants

Here are those painful shoes again.  They're just so pretty.  And I'm obviously out to punish myself with them.

I'm still going through and wearing the teaching outfits I put together during my closet reorganization.  It sure has made things easier each a.m.  Actually, I try to set the outfit out the night before, to make things that much more smooth in the mornings.  Especially because Husband has been out of town so much lately.  It's just me making sure the two kids are awake, get some breakfast, and have everything ready for school - all while I'm trying to get ready myself.  Honestly, it's not that hard.  I mean, my kids are able to get themselves prepared and out the door.  I just like to make myself available because I still like to be needed just a little bit.  :)

Anyway, look at me wearing ankle pants that actually hit my ankles!  Petites!  I just really discovered them.  I'm slow.  If I had discovered petite sizes years earlier, perhaps that one lady would never have had to ask me, "Are those supposed to be capri's?"  I'm sure she meant it as a compliment, right?

Outfit Details:
Ann Taylor ankle pants
Ann Taylor top
Target shoes


  1. I LOVE this look on you, especially those pants! :)

  2. Love the ankle pants!! I have been wanting some for a while and I think I am definitely going to try them out this fall!

    - Melanie (

  3. I'm sorry to hear those shoes hurt, because I bought the same ones and LOVE them. I can't walk long distances in them, but they are perfect for my job. They might be my favourite heal right now. So glad we got Target in Canada!


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