Monday, September 8, 2014

teacher wear: navy + green

After a whole weekend of football, it definitely feels like Fall now!  A whole day of football on t.v. is great for me because I can just sit down and do school work, while listening to the games.  I was able to get some good lesson planning done!  And when the games got a little boring (because sometimes they do), I got up and cleaned the bathrooms, wrote out a grocery list, and went shopping for this week's meals.  And last night's dinner.  Because game day means EATS.  Last night is was all about a build-your-own-nacho bar, fried chicken, bbq wings, good bread, and chocolate-covered strawberries.    Football is delicious.

Another thing about Fall and being back in school, is that the kids are suddenly social butterflies again.  Jack and McKenna were out and about with friends this weekend, which is something Husband and I totally love and support.  I don't know what happened to us that led us down a path of rather-be-at-home-than-out-with-other-people, but we don't wish that upon our kids and sincerely enjoy seeing them happy and active with friends.  It's good stuff.

What is not good stuff, however, is that little kitten has decided to sleep all day and terrorize the sleeping humans all night long.  She is so so cute, so it's hard not to let her get away with everything.  But the problem is, she loves being in the same room as people and so she just won't go off and play somewhere.  She also enjoys blasting down the hallway, running from room to room, attacking curtains and bedskirts and anything else she can ruffle.  Last night I finally had to lock her up in the laundry room, after she knocked over a mirror in McKenna's room and frightened that poor girl half to death.  So, today!  Today I am buying a safety gate for the stairs!  And the humans in this house are taking back our sleep!!!!

Outfit Details:
J Crew Factory top
Anthropologie skirt
Target Sandals
Target necklace

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