Just so you know what you're getting into...

Yes, that's me, Misty.  Welcome!  

What began as a blog about my family's move across the country {Spokane, WA. to Pittsburgh, PA.} has morphed into a place where I share our day-to-day adventures and celebrations in life.  Sometimes we are really fun and sometimes we are pretty boring; either way, I enjoy documenting our experiences.    I have a super cool husband and three amazing preteen and teenager kids who fulfill me to no end and they provide plenty o' fodder for writing.  

To be honest, it is a little bit weird putting our story out there for the public but it has been a great way for distant relatives to keep up with us.  And along the way I have met so many wonderful virtual friends.  It far outweighs the weirdness.  :)

If you want to find me elsewhere on the www, click on the preferred box below!  I'm horribly awful at Facebook and Twitter, but I sure do have all kinds of fun on Instagram and Pinterest!

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*Just ask. I'm usually pretty nice. :)


  1. We just moved across country a year ago, from Georgia to Wisconsin. I enjoy your blog!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog through instagram lol,I enjoy reading it! I live in Cleveland, but am in Pittsburgh routinley ( i work for PPG) we should get togethor for Cawfee tawlk next time im in town ;)

    1. I'm so happy to meet you via the internet and now I can follow your blog too!!! It seems like we both have a happy outlook! I am so up for meeting you when you come to Pittsburgh! Do you work downtown when you are here? Like at PPG Place? Because if so, you are one lucky duck! :)

  3. I just found your blog! Love it! We are literally moving (at this moment) from Tacoma, WA to Houston Texas. I love hearing about other people who have made a big move as well. What took your family across country? A job change?

  4. I just found you on the Pleated Poppy link-up. Our family is packing up to move from Tri-Cities, WA to Chillicothe, OH! Any tips for moving with young kids? :)


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